St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church


209 W. 7th Street - Ely, Nevada 89301


About us

St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church
est. 1907


The first activity of the Episcopal church in Ely, Nevada was in 1887. A
Sunday School, organized by three local women, was held in various homes.
An old wooden school house also served as a gathering place. The women
formed "The Association" in 1897, and raised the money for a bell by selling
chain letters through out the country. The Bell became quite familiar in the
growing community. The Bell could be heard ringing on various occasions. It
was used for Sunday School and also by the local grade school. The Bell
also served as the town fire alarm and for curfew. After the church was
completed it found an indoor home in the belfry. It remained there until it
cracked and was replaced in 1951.

By 1901, it was apparent that Ely was going to be a lasting community, and
not a short term boom town. Our first priest, Rev. Arnoldus Miller arrived
that year. In 1902, according to church records the first burial, the first
baptisms and the first marriage were performed.

Molly McGill became instrumental, along with several other ladies in
erecting a church. The building fund project began in 1904. In 1905 land was
donated, sold at a fair profit, and the land where the church and vicarage is
located was donated to build on. Two years later, on June 10, 1907,
construction began on the vicarage. Less than three months later the
vicarage was occupied. The cornerstone for the church was put in place on
September 8, 1907. Three months and eighteen days later, on Christmas Day,
the first service was held. The following year on Christmas Day the organ
was dedicated.


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