St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church


209 W. 7th Street - Ely, Nevada 89301



Hear ye! Hear ye!


The leadership of St. Bartholomew’s has deemed it is now safe to begin worshipping inside the church beginning Sunday, September 20th.


We do need to adhere to stricter guidelines than when we were meeting outside in the garden -- social distancing is harder to achieve within the confines of four walls.  If we agree to follow these safety measures -- which are required by the diocese – we should be fine.


1.     Face masks are required before entering the church.

2.     Hands must be sanitized before entering the sanctuary.

3.     Must bring own prayer books. (All books, hangings and linens have been removed)

4.     Adhere and follow signs on the pews in order to maintain distancing.

5.     Singing is not permitted within confined spaces (just listen and meditate or quietly hum along with the music)

6.     Readings and Prayers of the People will be done from the pews. Only musician and celebrant can ascend the steps leading to the altar.

7.     Exchange of the peace also to take place from within the pews with a nod, wave or American Sign Language.

8.     There will be no bringing forward of the offerings (bread and wine)

9.     The offertory plate will be placed on back credence table for your convenience to place your weekly financial support of the church.

10.  The priest will bring communion to the congregation as they remain seated in their pews (wafers only)

11.  Leave in single file. Once you have exited the church and are outside and feel a need to mingle, keep masks on and appropriate distance.


The Undercroft and Restroom will remain closed.


Each week, the pews, doors – anything surfaces that have been touched must we disinfected – 
Volunteers needed.




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